8 Best Microfiber Car Drying Towels

Washing your car is one of the prime aspects of a car maintenance process. So once you complete washing your car, the next thing is drying the wet parts of your car. This is mostly underestimated, but the drying process is equally important as the cleaning processes. You should not only know how to dry your car correctly, but also be very cautious about drying it safely.

Best Microfiber Car Drying Towel

Improper drying can lead to scratches or damages to the automotive surfaces. So, it becomes important to use the right drying towel that is specially fabricated for car cleaning purposes. This article will enlighten you on some of the microfiber car drying towels that are really well made and available in the market.

8 Best Microfiber Car Drying Towel

Through intensive research, personal use, and customer reviews, we've come up with our list of the best car drying towel currently in the market. I hope it will be easy for you to pick one once you are through.

Chemical Guys MIC_1995 Drying Towel

The MIC_1995 Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Dryer Towel gives you a scratch free drying and can be safely relied upon, for your cleaning needs. It features a silk band edging that helps eliminate the scratches as well as the swirls. 

The towel stays soft even after repeated washings. The fibers have a spiral pattern and are precisely split to give a soft texture. It is a perfect choice for drying a large or a small vehicle once the wash is done. It can absorb about a gallon of water from the surface and gives a streak-free and instant shine.

This towel is 100% machine washable, and it is fabricated to withstand any detergent. So you need not worry about cleaning the drying towel. Just make sure that you wash it separately, to keep them free of any lints.

You generally don't expose microfiber products to fabric softener, so the same goes with this drying towel too. The fabric softener has the tendency to reduce the static properties of the drying towel. This may reduce their capability of drying your car. You can dry the towel either through a machine or just by line drying. Again this needs to be done separately, away from your normal clothes.

AIDEA Microfiber DT07 Drying Towel

The AIDEA super soft drying towel comes with a highly refined loop woven microfiber. This again comes with the silk banded edges, making it ideal for a scratch free drying. Your car feels polished once you give a wipe using this ultra-soft drying towel.

The towel can be safely used on surfaces like paintwork, glasses, or other sensitive surfaces other than automotive parts. It comes handy as it cleans effectively under both the wet and dry conditions. The observe side of the plush microfiber can be used to pick up dust from your car’s interior. It can also be used to dry out the water content present outside of the car. The wrong side of the towel can be used for removing cured paste waxes, sealants, etc.

It comes with the industry-standard design as it comes with super-soft and super-absorbent features, and can be safely used for touching and wiping your cars. It picks up dirt like a magnet! This towel is very much machine washable, and can be washed even a hundred times, while still maintaining its softness and observability.

Chemical Guys MIC_721 Drying Towel

This is yet another drying towel from Chemical Guys with premium microfiber texture. It makes sure to absorb every drop of water from your car’s surface after washing. You can use the towel to quickly dry any vehicle, right from cars, to trucks and motorcycles.

The towel has a short nap side and a high nap side, this is for an extra versatility. You can always use any side of the towel to dry up the surface. The standing water is magically removed. You can use the high pile side to remove dirt or debris without causing scratches in the paintwork.

The color of the towel is itself an advantage as it will highlight the dirt/debris and lets you know when to flip to the clean side of the towel. The microfiber is made up of the industry-standard material. You can safely use it for touching, wiping the surface of your car. It is made with 70/30 blended microfiber, and this gives a soft and durable structure to the towel as a whole.

Zwipes Auto 879-2 Drying Towel

This drying towel from Zwipes is a professional waffle designed product with superior absorbability. The drying times of your car will be greatly reduced due to its texture and design. The additional density provides a soft feel on your car surface while drying. 

The silk-band edging gives an extra layer of protection. It also helps to withstand hundreds of repeated washing. The large sized towel facilitates its usage to larger vehicles like trucks or even boats, other than cars. The towel can be equally used in your homes, for drying up any accidental larger spills.

As said before, the waffle weave pocket design aids in superior absorbing capability, thereby, reducing the drying times to almost half, as compared to other normal drying towels. The towel edges are soft lined and secured. The corners are rounded for an additional layer of scratch free protection.

The company recommends the use of Zwipes Dry Blade along with the drying towel for an ultimate shining. It helps in a better drying, right through the nook and corner of your car.

Carcarez MF_4316 Drying Towel

The drying towel from Carcarez comes with the right size, and is handy to use. The 16”x!6” size enables you to comfortably hold the towel and use the clean side. They are fabricated to fix into any car’s doorway, glove compartments and armrest.

The towel is designed to give you a scratch-free car surface. It differs from a regular microfiber towel that comes with stiff seams on the edges. It is said to be the softest drying towel available in the market. You can safely use them to have a shining finish once you are done washing your car. Other than cars, you can even use it to dry or wipe any sensitive surface. It can pick up the dirt and catches them up within its structure.

It is made from 70/30 blend premium microfiber cloth with a dual-side plush. This makes them absorb about two times more than the regular microfiber cloth. Hence the drying time can be saved. As it comes in a pack of 6, you can use the towel for various other purposes, than cleaning the car, like, wiping household windows, tiles, mirrors, glasses, etc. It is machine washable. An important point to note here, the Carcarex drying towel needs to be washed at a lower temperature.

Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Drying Towel

A yet another drying towel from Chemical Guys, which will impress you with its amazing qualities. These towels can be used for places where you need to get more details of dirt. The yellow color prominently shows the dirt and you can be aware about when to change sides while cleaning the car.

The lint-free feature will help you to have clear cut wiping and shining finish. Just like other Chemical Guys products, the microfiber comes with the industry-standard cloth. It feels so soft that you can't help yourself from touching it again and again. The absorbability of the towel is also commendable as it gives complete dry surface after wiping down.

It has a short nap side and a high nap side. You can use the high pile to wipe away the dust while the low pile can be used to remove the paste waxes and sealants, just like the other Chemical Guy towel products. You can use it for weekly wash or even for quick clean ups or wipes. As with other products, this too can withstand multiple washings, while still retaining its properties.

Chemical Guys MIC_781_01 Drying Towel

This drying towel from Chemical Guys almost shares the same features as other towels from the same brand though the size and design differs here. The drying surface is huge and the waffle weave design helps in a rapid drying of your car.

The special waffle groove patterns does the magic here. It traps and absorbs even the tiny water droplets ultimately giving you a clear drying, free of any moisture content. Sometimes you may have to buff on the car surface many times with your regular towel for a complete drying. This is not the case with MIC_718_01. You can instantly pick up the standing water by gliding the towel just once.

The right blend of polyester and polyamide in the microfiber brings you the best absorbing features when compared to other drying towels. When compared to other cheap microfiber towels, this gray matter waffle weave comes with a silk band edging on all four sides, giving you a scratch free wiping. Hence, this drying towel is definitely worth a try.

AIDEA DT06 Microfiber Drying

This towel from AIDEA is made of highly refined loop woven microfiber. The silk banded technology used in the edges help in scratch-free and scuff-free drying. The car surface feel smooth on being dried or cleaned using this towel. The soft texture of this towel makes it ideal to be used across various sensitive surfaces which otherwise are prone to scratches. 

The high refine loop woven makes sure to catch even the minute dirt or debris found on those surfaces. The absorbing capacity of this towel is extremely high as the microscopic fibers are good enough to dry large vehicles including boats. The drying time is greatly saved. The towel is designed to be effective under both the dry as well as the wet conditions of the surface.

It is lint-free so you don't have to worry about any fiber residues on the surface. The properties of the towel remain unchanged even after subject to several washings. The softness is unchanged and the absorbance property is least affected.

Final Words

Hope these reviews brought in you, some ideas on various car drying towels, and how important it is, to invest on them to safeguard your car against accidental scratches or damages. It is better that you spend a few dollars on the car drying towels, than to regret later. The best way to choose the right product is to check the key features of various drying towels, compare their prices, their longevity and reliability. This way you will get a clarity on selecting the best drying towel that can address your drying needs.