9 Best Power Wheels for Grass

Every kid loves adventurous games, be it indoors or outdoors. As parents, we play an important part in their childhood. It is our role to provide them with age-appropriate resources and make their childhood days memorable. Of course, you will buy them toys, legos, etc to play with. But nothing can match the thrilling experience that they get from driving a powered ride. 

best power wheels for grass and off road

But choosing a power wheel isn’t as easy as buying a toy. Hence, we thought of briefing on some of the best power wheels that perform well on grass and off road to help you choose the most suitable one for your kids.

Our Top 9 Picks Compared




3 Speeds

Max Speed- 3.7 mph

Max Weight - 65 lbs

Racing ACV

Max Speed - 6 mph

Max Weight - 65 lbs

Jeep Wrangler

Max Speed - 5 mph

Max Weight - 130 lbs

Jurassic World Dino Racer

Max Speed - 6 mph

Max Weight - 65 lbs

2020 Two Seater Ride

Max Speed - 6 mph

Max Weight - 100 lbs

ATV Quad Ride

Max Speed- 3.7 mph

Max Weight - 66 lbs

Ground Force Tractor

Max Speed - 4 mph

Max Weight - 65 lbs

Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler

Max Speed - 5 mph

Max Weight - 130 lbs

Ride On Truck

Max Speed - 3 mph 

Max Weight - 61 lbs

9 Best Power Wheels for Grass

Through intensive research, personal use, and customer reviews, we've come up with our list of the top power wheels for off road, grass and rough terrain currently in the market. I hope it will be easy for you to pick one once you are done reading.

Best Choice Products Kids With 3 Speeds
  • Manual as well as remote control.
  • 12 V motor with three speed options : low/medium/high (3.7 mph max).
  • Adjustable seat belt for safety.
  • Durable and robust construction.
  • Rechargeable battery along with a charger.
  • Age group : 3-8 years old.

The power wheels from Best Choice Product comes with the features that your kids will love. With its realistic design features, you will be surprised if your kid is riding a toy or a real truck! The seat belt adds to the safety of the kids, and it can be adjusted as per your convenience. The bright LED lights add fun and excitement to your kids while they have a joyful ride on it. What is more amazing is the three speed option that it gives. They are the low, medium and high options. The maximum speed limit that the truck can reach is 3.7 mph.

The toy comes with both a manual and a remote control, so you can always select which mode of control you want. If your kid is new to riding, you can keep the control as remote and operate the toy. The remote has controls like forward, reverse and the speed as well. Once your kid is well-versed with riding it on their own, you can allow your kids to manually drive it.

The wheels are 14 inch wide and come with a spring suspension system. This makes it apt for outdoor surfaces like grass or dirt. An additional feature here is the built-in AUX outlet. This allows for connecting the media devices and listening to your favorite music while enjoying your ride. The toy truck runs on a rechargeable battery, which means that your hurdles of replacing it with a new battery every time it runs out of power is removed.

Power Wheels Racing ACV
  • Availability of forward and reverse speed options.
  • Robust construction, drives on hard surfaces, mud and grass.
  • Features the high-speed lockout and power-lock brakes.
  • Realistic quad styling.
  • Age group: 3-7 years old.

The Power Wheels Racing ATV comes with an awesome construct and graphics. It’s real like construction gives an adventurous ride for your kids. The toy offers both the forward as well as the reverse speed options with the maximum speed of 6 mph. The various color buttons define various controls of the truck. The green button is for riding the truck at the full speed, the yellow button is for the low speed ride, and the red button is for reverse movement.

This product is said to be the fastest truck from this brand, and it gives a realistic driving experience for your kids. The exciting part is that the truck rides well even on ruts, wet grass, gravel, and mud. You don’t have to worry about the truck getting struck on these surfaces. The handles are designed for an easy grip and your kids will feel comfortable holding them while on their ride.

The seats feel convenient for your kids and they won’t feel a slightest discomfort during their adventurous riding. These power wheels have been under intense testing and they have been tested with the actual kids in the Fisher-Price play laboratory. So you shouldn’t be worried about its reliability and safety.

Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler
  • Mimics hot wheels color and graphics.
  • Chrome-plated wheels and accents.
  • Real truck-like sounds.
  • Features a rear storage area.
  • Robust and durable build quality.
  • Recommended Age groups : 3 years old and above.

The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler comes with some of the realistic designs and features that will make your kids believe that they are riding a real vehicle. The motor sounds, revving tunes all make it so original that riding on it gives a real-like driving experience. The truck toy looks big in construction and the powerful 12 V battery makes it easy to ride on hard surfaces. The cockpit area in the toy is redesigned to give maximum flexibility. It also gives enough room for the driver’s leg and the kid can even have another passenger on board to have an exciting ride together. The weight capacity does support two kids as it turns out to be 130 lbs in value.

The power wheel is designed to be kids-friendly as the maximum speed it can reach is limited to 5 mph. This can be controlled with the high speed lock-out. Once you enable the lockout, the vehicle can’t reach this speed. When the lockout is enabled, the off-road drive is made safer, with the 2.5 mph speed limit in forward and reverse directions. So this will be a right choice for all of those who are looking for a safer option of power wheels.

The braking system is carefully designed such that the vehicle stops as soon as the driver’s foot is taken off from the pedal. This is to make sure that the kids are protected against accidental bumps or falls. With the robust steel frame construction, you shouldn’t be surprised at its performance under intense surface conditions (grass, rugged, muddy or hard surfaces).

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer
  • Features robust wheels, resistant to rough surfaces.
  • Supports two speed options - forward (6mph), reverse (3 mph).
  • Equipped with high-speed lockout control.
  • Power-lock brake system.
  • Weight capacity : 65 lbs

The Power Wheels Jurassic World Racer comes with the roaring dino construction and gets your kids love instantly. The whole construction is robust with the sturdy steel frame design. It can take up kids weighing upto 65 lbs and rides well on any sort of surface. Hard and soft surfaces are the same for this dino racer, as it rides easily on both. The power lock brake is specially designed to stop the vehicle as and when the driver lifts the foot off the pedal.

The tires are wide and large, this attributes to its robustness on hard surfaces. The maximum speed that this toy can reach is 6 mph (3 mph in reverse). The high-speed lockout feature helps you to control the speed at which your kid is riding. If your kid is a beginner, let him explore with the high-speed lockout on so that he doesn’t ride it so fast.

The safety and reliability of this toy racer can be fully trusted as they come tested under lab conditions. So they can be relied on for independent driving by your kids, without a second thought. Your kids will feel like they are driving a real bike just like any adult. These power wheels have proven to give hours of fun and adventures for the little toddlers, and have a good amount of time spent outdoors.

Moderno Kids 2020 Two Seater Ride
  • Forward and reverse speed options.
  • Electric brake system for gradual acceleration.
  • Two-way adjustable leather seat.
  • Digital display for battery life indication.
  • Foam rubber tires.
  • Recommended age group : 2 - 6 years old.

This could be the best toy truck that your kid could have, with its amazingly realistic construct. It is designed to accommodate two kids comfortably and has a weight capacity of 100 lbs. The adults too can be entertained while they operate the truck remotely having their kids seated on the truck. The speed limit has been carefully set with a maximum limit of 6 mph. The remote control access enables you to either overpower or hault the rider anytime. The vehicle starts without much jerks, and the electric brake system is designed to provide a gradual acceleration for the little drivers.

The rubber tires make it one of the best power wheels for grass and rough terrain as the ride will be very comfortable. The seats are flexible and placed spaciously to have enough room for the driver as well as the passenger. The seat belt is two way convertible, that is, it can be used either as a single safety belt or as two separate seat belts in case two kids are riding on it. The battery life of the truck can be determined with the on screen digital display that will show the status of the battery.

The realistic gear allows the kids to select the speed they desire to ride it. The parent remote feature allows you to control the car if you think your kid needs some practise before they can be on their own. There are three different speeds that you can make the vehicle move with, on a remote basis. The remote control can either drive, or overpower or even stop the vehicle anytime you desire.

Best Choice Products Kids with ATV Quad Ride
  • Features a rugged and robust construction.
  • Foot pedal accelerator.
  • Built-in AUX outlet with AUX cable.
  • Larger and tread wheels.
  • Runs on rechargeable battery.

This is yet another product from Best Choice Products with a robust and sturdy construction. The features are such that it gives a feel that they actually drive a vehicle while riding on this toy truck. The parts are strong and rugged, irresistible to any forces. Additionally it is also designed to be very stylish and elegant in looks. The vehicle is driven with a foot pedal accelerator with forward and reverse functionality. The speed limit is carefully chosen such that it doesn’t exceed a maximum of 4 mph. So, you can be assured of the safety of your little riders.

The provision of a built-in AUX outlet allows you to plug the devices from where you can stream the music. Thus, the driving experience is enhanced, the kids can enjoy their favorite tune while they have fun riding the truck. The product includes an AUX cable, so you need not have to search for one at home! The tires of the truck are built to withstand hard surfaces.

The four-wheel suspension unit enables you to have a smooth ride on rough terrain, dirt, sidewalks and even driveways. Though built for these surfaces, parental guidance is always necessary. The fun is further enhanced with the addition of LED headlights and horn, and gives a feel that kids are driving a real vehicle. The car works on a 12 V battery that is rechargeable. The capacity of the car comes upto to 66 lbs, and it is designed for a single rider.

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor
  • Two speed options.
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes.
  • Farm tractor wheels.
  • Real FM radio system.
  • Adjustable seat.

The John Deere Ground Force Tractor takes the outdoor riding fun to a different level. It’s real-like features like automatic brakes, farm tractor wheels, FM radio system will make your kids feel they are actually riding a real tractor. No wonder, this is Amazon's choice for power wheels off the road. The tractor toy offers two speed options in addition to a reverse speed option. There is an option for lockout in case your kid is a beginner. You can do this with the 2nd gear lockout option. You can lock the speed at 4.5 mph, which means that your kid can’t drive at speed more than this.

The wheels are robustly built to drive safe on grass, dirt, gravel, pavement, etc. The brake is designed with automatic features, adding to the safety of the drivers. The accelerator pedal is used to kick start the tractor, and the speed at which the kids ride can be controlled by you, as said earlier. The seats are comfortably placed and can be adjusted as per the kid’s convenience. They also come with the flip-up armrests.

The special feature of this toy power wheel is the FM radio system. If you think it’s a toy FM radio, you are not right. It’s a real FM radio system where you can tune into your favorite radio station and enjoy the songs. The kids will be excited about this, as they can do just like the adults listen to the radio while they are riding their vehicles.

Power Wheels Disney Princess Jeep Wrangler
  • Specially designed for little princesses.
  • Forward and reverse speed option.
  • Doors with open/close features.
  • Robust on rough surfaces.
  • Pretend Radio system.

This Jeep Wrangler from Power Wheels is a special product for the toddler girls. It’s attractive color and graphics can’t miss the girl's attention. With their favorite Disney Princess characters decorating the toy truck, who doesn’t like to have a ride on this. The sounds are realistic and give an adventurous ride for your girl kids. The jeep is spacious enough to carry all their stuff along with their ride. They can pretend to play with you as if they are going shopping or meeting a friend along with their supplies. The doors are designed such that they can be opened and closed just like how you would do in a real jeep.

The brake system is brilliantly designed, it stops as soon as your kid takes her foot off the brake pedal. This is due to the power-lock feature that is inbuilt in this vehicle toy. The high-speed lockout option helps you control the speed at which your kid rides the vehicle. You can release this option once your little princess is ready to ride the jeep on her own. It has an enormous weight capacity of 130 lbs, and can easily accommodate upto two kids who combinely weigh less than this number.

It works on battery power and can give long lasting fun and excitement. The wheels are sturdy and withstand almost any rough surfaces that come on their way. They undergo immense testing before actually coming to the market for sale.

Best Choice Products 12v Ride On Truck Main
  • Realistic and powerful design.
  • Features both manual as well as parental control.
  • Durable safety features.
  • Adjustable seats & lockable doors.
  • Traction tires for different terrains.

This truck from Best Choice comes with realistic designs and safety features. This is the best option if your kid loves driving and wants to drive just like you. This one-seater truck comes with an adjustable seatbelt, so that you can safely tuck-in your kid before they start to ride. The bright LED headlights give a real-like experience to your kids, they tend to feel they are on a real truck. The vehicle does come with doors that can be locked. This makes sure that kids are seated inside during their ride, and you can feel relaxed that they can’t come out while the vehicle moves.

The truck has a grid windshield, and it is provided for a real truck-like appearance. The traction tires are designed to withstand terrains of any nature. The wheels feature a spring suspension system and they will never deflate due to use of plastic for its construction. It can reach upto a speed of 2.8 mph at the maximum. The built-in AUX outlet allows you to connect a device through which you can listen to your or your kid’s favorite music.

The toy vehicle can be controlled manually as well as by you, that is, parental control. The remote control allows you to guide them safely while they are just learning to drive it. The remote does have a forward and reverse control access. It’s capacity is about 61 lbs and is designed for kids of age 3 to 5. A 6 year old kid may also ride on it, provided he or she weighs less than 60 lbs and is not too tall.

Things to look for when buying power wheels

1. Age Recommendation

Typically, these power wheels are mostly designed for the kids below the age of six (sometimes upto eight!). They are designed mostly for these two age groups- 1.one to three years old kids and 2.two to six years old kids. This is the first factor to consider before going ahead with purchasing a power wheel for your kids. The age of your kid is the sole factor that is going to decide the size as well as the model of the power wheel toy.

2. Weight Capacity

How capable is the power wheel in carrying your kid during a ride is what the weight capacity is about. The weight of the power wheel should be such that it is not too high or not too low. If the weight of the toy truck is too high, your kid might feel the burden while riding on it. It should be easy to handle by your kids. After all, you are going to buy it for your kids and they should feel comfortable and happy riding on it. Hence, you must choose a product that will suit your kid’s age and capability.

3. Speed

In terms of speed, it is advisable that you go for the power wheels that have both the forward as well as the reverse speed options. The toy trucks that have such speed options are said to perform well on hard or rough surfaces and give an exciting ride for your kids. The speed of the power wheels differ for differ brands, but the most of the power wheels have these values as their maximum speed limit-7 km/h for forward speed and 3 km/h for reverse speed. But there are many fun projects where people make power wheels a lot faster

4. Tire Material

The tire materials play an important role in the power wheel that you are going to buy. The frames are expected to be stable and strong to keep your kids safe while riding on them. It should be protective against possible impacts and stay firm on rough and bumpy surfaces. The width of the tires should also be taken into account. For instance, for riding on wet grass, wide tires are the best.

5. Safety features

This is probably the first thing you should be checking more than any other features. You should see to it that the play truck has a well built operating brake, so it should stop when your kid applies the brake. You should also be checking the tire materials (as discussed above), whether it is built to be robust to withstand any terrain grounds. All these details can be found on the product manual.

6. Price Range

Though budget plays an important role, you should see to that the safety features of the power wheels are not compensated. But still, you can find products that are both safer as well as economical. If you are going to make your kids play near your proximity all the time, you can be a little flexible, but if you think you will take your kids out in playgrounds or parks, you should take care about choosing the right power wheel. In either case, parental monitoring is always needed!

Final Words

With all those product details and guidelines for buying a power wheel for your kid, you should now be aware about how important it is, to make a research before deciding the right truck for your kid. The foremost thing than money is the safety of your kid. So, make sure that the product you choose has all the safety norms in addition to the other key features. If your kid likes cars and trucks, then you should definitely consider buying it, as they can give a realistic driving experience for them. It gives them a sense of freedom and an adventurous venture at a very young age. Though the power wheels are designed to be robust under harsh ground, you should be careful about not allowing the kids to drive on steep terrains. It is essential that you keep checking the wheel's condition if you are taking your kids outside very often.