5 Best TVs for Garage Reviewed

As we already know, televisions are an important gadget and it’s hard to find a home without one. A few years back, it was believed that a TV screen over 40 inches itself was huge but these days, this concept has changed. And gone are the days when the TVs were kept only in the living rooms. Today, you can see people fixing their TVs in whichever room they feel comfortable to watch from.

Best TVs for Garage

There are even TVs that are specially designed to be fixed in your garages or outdoor space from where you can enjoy watching your favorite programs. They come with special features like enhanced picture quality and stand strong against environmental changes. With so many brands available in the market, buying the best TV could be a challenging task. This article can make things easy for you as we are going to check the five best TVs for Garage.

Our Top 5 Picks Compared




TCL 43S425

Size - 43 inch

Resolution - 4k

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

Size - 32 inch

Resolution - 720p

VIZIO D24hn-G9

Size - 24 inch

Resolution - 720p

Toshiba TF-55A810U21

Size - 32 inch

Resolution - 720p

Sony X800H

Size - 43 inch

Resolution - 4k

5 Best TVs for Garage

Through intensive research, personal use, and customer reviews, we've come up with our list of the best TVs for your garage currently in the market. I hope it will be easy for you to pick one once you are done reading.

TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV
  • Dimensions (w x H x D):38.2 x 22.4 x 3 inches
  • Features a built-in Roku
  • 4K Ultra HD picture clarity
  • Input ports: 3 HDMI 2.0, 1 USB, Ethernet
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant

TCL is known for its TV products all over the world. The TCL 43S425 series is no exception to this. It is equipped with some of the best features and configurations. It offers a good picture quality for the price. The TV looks flat and the black plastic bezels look wider compared to the other series of TCL. The inbuilt Roku gives seamless access to various streaming apps. It’s 4K Ultra HD resolution gives a lifelike picture quality and detail. With simplified smart functionality, you can enjoy your favorite entertainment programs instantly without any hassles.

The input ports are available on the left side of the TV’s back, while the power connector is available on the right. The ports include 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 1 Ethernet port, 1 antenna/cable connection along with the RCA dongle. Besides, there is a reset button positioned on the top of all the ports. With the Roku TV platform, the TV can access a range of streaming apps and services. These include the Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV Now, Google Play Movies, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, etc. In case you are not willing to subscribe to any of these services or apps, the Roku channel does feature its library of free movies and shows.

The Roku platform also enables you to stream media from your smartphone. Its remote is simple and compactly designed. With the infrared-only model, it has the dedicated buttons for DirecTV Now, Hulu, Netflix, and Sling TV placed below the playback buttons. This will be a favorable option if you are looking for a nominally priced TV with extensive features.

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32-Inch Smart HD TV-Fire TV Edition
  • Built-in Fire TV Experience
  • Alexa Voice Remote Control
  • HD Picture Quality
  • Powered by Quad-core CPU/Multi-core GPU

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 is an addition to the new generations of the TV with substantial features. The Fire TV edition compiles all your subscribed streaming channels along with the live over-the-air TV into the home screen. You can connect any HD antenna and instantly search for the live programs or streaming movies with the help of Alexa. Alexa allows you to control the TV functions using your voice. Just instruct what you want, and it is all carried out by Alexa. Using it, you can control functions like power, volume, playback, navigation, or input switching. Additionally, you can even launch into Prime Video, Netflix, HBO with the quick access buttons, and watch your favorite movies and shows.

With the help of the 3 HDMI ports, you can connect your gaming console or cable/satellite box to the TV. The other ports include the dual-band Wi-Fi and the multiple input/output options. The name of the inputs can be customized and the picture settings of each of the connected devices. Alexa will keep adding its skills with the software updates, this means that your TV will keep getting smarter.

The HD picture quality makes your screen time enjoyable. The deep blacks and rich colors will enhance your entertainment. It is powered by a powerful quad-core CPU/multi-core GPU processor. This will give instant results for the searches with ultimate responses.

VIZIO 24” Class HD (720p) LED HDTV
  • Resolution of 720p
  • WiFi capability
  • Input ports include 3 HDMI ports and a USB port
  • Intelligent Backlight sensor

VIZIO D24hn-G9 is a 24-inch LED TV with a 720 p resolution. It comes with WiFi capability and can be connected with your home network. It has 2 HDMI input ports and a USB port. The USB port can be used to play songs and videos from the flash drives. It is compactly designed measuring to 14.78 x 21.83 x 6.18 inches with the panel measuring to 2 inches. The screen has a glossy finish. It is rightly designed to fit in any room of your home.

Along the edge of the screen, the edge-lit LED backlight selectively distributes the lights to give a clear-cut output from the screen. The pictures are brilliantly delivered. The 720p HD resolution provides a detailed vision. You can connect your high definition entertaining devices to the TV using the 2 HDMI ports. The TV can be placed in any part of your home without worrying about the brightness.

The ambient light sensor intelligent backlight sensors intelligently adjust the brightness settings as per the surrounding lightings. If you are looking for a cheap TV to be used in small rooms (kitchen or kid’s room), this will be an apt choice to go with.

​Toshiba TF-55A810U21 55-inch Smart 4K UHD
  • Fire TV Edition
  • Resolution- 4K Ultra HD
  • Screen size- 55 inches
  • Dolby Vision and DTS TruSurround

Toshiba 4K UHD Smart TV comes with amazing features and design. The built-in fire TV edition combines the streaming of the satellite channels (Over-The-Air) along with playing content downloaded from the Internet (Streaming content). With the enhanced 4K HDR, the picture quality is superior and has a wide range of contrast and color. The TV’s processor is built to work faster and give an upgraded performance. It is powered by the quad-core CPU/multi-core GPU. The search results are instant and the response is quick. The clarity is bind-blowing with the resolution of 4K UHD with more than 8 million pixels giving a lifelike viewing experience.

The voice remote control with Alexa helps you to carry out all the tasks which a remote would do. Just use your voice and you can launch apps, make searches, play songs, switch the inputs, and so on. Also, the remote has dedicated buttons for Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO. You can instantly access your favorite app. By fitting any HD antenna of your choice, you can view your favorite channels.

Though equipped with smart functionalities, this TV is simple in many ways. You have to just plug the TV, connect with your home network and start enjoying it. And with the software updates, Alexa gets smarter every time so does your TV. With all those immense features, this will be the right choice if you are looking for a TV for your primary use.

Sony X800H 43 Inch TV
  • 4K UHD with HD resolution
  • Triluminos Display
  • Alexa Compatibility
  • Screen size-43 inches

Sony is a well-known brand for many of its successful products. This 43 inches smart TV from Sony lives up to the expectations as it comes with some of the powerful features and configurations. The picture quality is stunning with the 4K HDR processor X1. You get a feel of real-world detailing of every picture you view. The advanced color and gradation enable you to see what the capturer of the scene intended to show you. With the HDR and Dolby vision, the scenes are brought to life with the deeper darks and bright colors. The Motionflow XR attributes for reduced blurrings, even in the fast-moving scenes. The scenes give a lifelike experience for the viewers.

You can control the TV functions in two ways. The first one is with the Google Assistant. By instructing through your voice, you can control the TV as well as the other smart devices to access their functions, get answers for your queries, manage tasks, and so on. The second control is through Alexa. Just ask it to play songs, turn up or down the volume or launch an app and it carries out the task for you.

This TV supports iOS devices with its Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit support. You can integrate your iPhone or other Siri devices with the TV. This helps you with effortless home management and seamless streaming of contents from those devices.

Buying Guide for a Garage TV

1. Size

Perhaps, this is the first thing you will decide while planning to buy a TV. You can choose a bigger screen irrespective of the room size, thanks to the 4K and 8K resolution! The picture detailing is precise even if you watch it by sitting closer. For your primary uses, you can very well go for about 50 to 65 inches of screen size. If the TVs are going to be placed in your kitchens or small rooms, a screen size of 24 to 34 inches will be a better choice.

2. Resolution

The resolution plays an important role in picture quality. The higher the resolution, the more lifelike the pictures will be. The 4K resolution TVs have four times the resolution of a full HD and the 8K TVs have even higher pixel value. The HDR (High Definition Resolution) technology provides an ultra quality image and clarity. Hence, choosing 4K or 8K will be the best option in terms of screen resolution.

3. Input ports

All the TVs have input connections on the side as well as rear. If you are going to mount the TV flat against a wall, then the inputs located on the sides or bottom will work best for you. If wall-mounting, you can use a short HDMI extension unit so that the connections to the TV can be easily made.

4. Smart or Not

There are two types of TVs based on configuration-basic TV and smart TV. The majority of TVs today are smart TVs. They have built-in WiFi through which the TV can be connected to your home network. You can stream apps like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, etc. Going for a smart TV will be a good choice if you are looking for versatile options. In addition to the satellite channels, you can also use the TV to view the contents of your smartphone on the TV screen.

5. Price

The price of the TV depends on the configuration and screen size that you will choose. As the size increases, so does the price. There are many products and brands with various price ranges. If you are looking for a good quality TV with the latest technology and features, you should make up your mind for a higher budget. There are also affordable TVs with decent picture quality. So in terms of budget, you always have a good number of choices.

Final Words

It is natural to have a dilemma in choosing the best gadget when there is an ample number of products in the market and this applies to TVs as well. To narrow down your options, you should first fix your budget. Next, you should compare the features (as discussed in the buying guide above) and go ahead with the one that will best fit in your expectation and budget. Hope this article will help you reach the right TV as all the products discussed here have a very good rating from its current customers. Happy shopping!